Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service

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Neck Joint Services Your Own Requirements

There is an increasing demand for Neck Joint service / Ghost Mannequin work for photographers, pre-press works, eCommerce stores, magazines, newspapers, advertisements etc. Neck joint and Ghost mannequin technique is required especially for garment products. It is also used for jewelry shown on a neck mannequin. Basically, if a picture of a garment is shown on a mannequin the mannequin distracts the focus from the product.

If we take the picture of the garment by hanging it on a hanger or by laying the product on any surface like floor, the picture will not be so appealing. To make the product appropriately highlighted we need to apply this ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin technique.

Benefits of Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin service

For neck joint service / ghost mannequin service we need 2/3 photographs of the garment. One photo is the front side image after putting the garment on a mannequin. And the other picture will be the inner side of the neck part. If the client needs the backside of the garment image, then the third picture of the backside of the garment on a mannequin is required. That is all about qhost mannequin. The output will be like the example images shown here.

This image manipulation technique makes garment images look smarter and eye-catching which helps in increasing sell. Ghost Mannequin / Neck Joint effect provides details information about the other aspects of garment products like shape, design etc. better.

Neck Joint Service at Clipping Path Editing

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Based on our review of the information and photo you submit, we will respond by telling you the clipping path level your job falls under and the total price for us to perform the edit. 

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