Vector Conversion Service

In order to understand the Vector Conversion service, you have first understood the difference between a Raster and a Vector Image. A raster image is a normal everyday image that we use like JPG, PNG, TIFF etc for Image Retouching. This image is made up of pixels or in simpler terms lots of tiny dots and holes. Due to this reason when zooming into the image it gets blurred or loses its original look. Thus when converted to a Vector Image the same image will not look pixelated no matter whichever shape or size stretched or shrunken. Thus converting the image to the following formats AI, EPS, PDF, AIT etc by Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Graphics Service

Vector Conversation Service is preferred by companies for many different companies for its various uses. The most important reason would be that a vector image has that clarity and fine quality kept intact no matter the shape and size we use it in.

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Convert image to vector  or image scaling service used to Scale the image into any size or shape without losing the integrity of the image. Vector Logos is mainly used for T-shirts, Visiting Cards, Magazines etc and created from scratch based on the customers’ requirements.




raster to vector service
vector conversion services

• Pixel-based

• Raster programs best for editing photos and creating continuous tone images with soft color blends

• Do not scale up optimally – Image must be created/scanned at the desired usage size or larger

• Large dimensions & detailed images equal large file size

• It is more difficult to print raster images using a limited amount of spot colors

• Some processes cannot use raster formats

• Depending on the complexity of the image, conversion to vector may be time consuming

• Raster images are the most common image format, including: jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp, psd, eps and pdfs originating from raster programs

• Common raster programs: photo editing / paint programs such as Photoshop & Paint Shop, GIMP (free)

• Shapes based on mathematical calculations

• Vector programs best for creating logos, drawings and illustrations, technical drawings. For images that will be applied to physical products.

• Can be scaled to any size without losing quality

• Resolution-independent: Can be printed at any size/resolution

• A large dimension vector graphic maintains a small file size

• Number of colors can be easily increased or reduced to adjust printing budget

• Vector art can be used for many processes and easily rasterized to be used for all processes

• Can be easily converted to raster

• It is not the best format for continuous tone images with blends of color or to edit photographs